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Tablecloths definitely costs quite a bit, especially if you have a BIG event in mind. Course, ideally, you want to use your lovely tablecloths many times over before having to throw them out and then get a new set. The best solution is to simply add a layer of elegant protection, the Table Overlay.

Table overlays are definitely cheaper than a full tablecloth, and aside from the protection, a table overlay that has style will surely be extra beautiful and extra colorful on the overall table presentation. Not to mention that, the smaller surface of the overlays makes them easier to clean. Lastly, in the hands of a skilled or imaginative designer, the table overlay becomes a key part of a whole (together with table centerpieces, napkins, chair sashes, backdrops, etc) to create a total symphony look where everything fits together Perfectly and Epic-ly.
Grand Duchess Sequin Overlays 72" Beverly Hills Waves Overlays
2 Sizes Available. High Quality Sequin Overlays. Sparkles and Bright Colors creates Irresistible Allure.
Welcome to the Big Leagues. 72" x72" Size
Rosette Table Overlays Embroidered Table Overlays
Turn those tables into Gorgeous Princesses. Available in 2 Sizes.
Just a touch of elegance. Available in 3 Sizes.
Pintuck Table Overlay Satin Table Overlays
Classy and stylish Pintucked Taffeta. Can't help but to go Gaga for this! 3 Sizes Available
3 Sizes Available. Soft and Shiny for the best accent!
Organza Table Overlays Taffeta Crinkle Table Overlays
4 Sizes Available. An Extra Touch of Colors can do Wonders!
3 Sizes Available. A Flattering Look that will surely Thrill!
Safari Animal Overlays 72" Umbre Mini-Rosettes Overlays
Bring Out Your Wild Side!
Available in 2 Styles & 3 Sizes.

How long did it take before this style took your breath away? 72" x 72" Size
72" Forest Taffeta Table Overlay 72" Bienvenue Fancy Swirls Overlay
Add a super personality to your tables. 72"x72" Size
A truly delightful look for your favorite guests. 72" x 72" Size
72" Bejeweled Sequin Overlays 85" Sequin Studded Lace Overlays
Top those tables with a sparkling charm. 72"x72" Size
A Winning Style with an Extra Shine. 85"x85" Size
72" Exclusive Couture Table Overlay Rustic Burlap Overlay
Looking for something bold and striking? 85" x 85" Size
Reminds you of the Good Times, doesn't it? 72" x 72" Size
Dual Tone Damask Overlay Damask Flocking Overlay
When you truly must showcase Royalty! 60" x 60" Size
Who wouldnít love this? 60" x 60" Size
72" Jazzed Up Chevron Table Overlays 72" Chevron Sequin Table Overlays
Some parties just never end! 72" x 72" Size
Looking to make people Star-Struck? 72" x 72" Size
Lace Table Overlays Fashionista Style Lace Net Overlays
Enjoy the Fine Living Atmosphere
Head-turning Style. No sweat at all.
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