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Glossy Party Decorative Polyester Fabric Bolt - Yellow - 54" x 10 Yards
Shimmering Shiny Polyester Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Yellow
Shimmering Shiny Polyester Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Yellow

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The beauty that is hidden or veiled always fascinates the beholders. The enigmatic charm of these mysteries tempts and intrigues people, making them wonder about what’s behind the veil. This tantalizing lure to unveil the covered fascination heightens the magical appeal for the main attraction. This shiny, iridescent polyester with a slight see-through attribute has specially been crafted to serve the purpose of covering and protecting the extravaganza of any chic party. Only when the right moment comes with the arrival of celebs and arrangement of flowers, these covers will be removed to reveal the captivating charms. Be creative with this lovely fabric and have full liberty to adorn your tables, chairs, ceilings, columns, arches, aisle, and other dreary places with this shimmering polyester fabric.

Additional information:
Use: Fabric Protection, Styling
Material: Shiny Polyester
Dimensions: 54" x 10yds

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