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There is a color for each special occasion. There is a style for each momentous event. When you choose to attend to every detail such as lovely chair covers and then topping them with the chair sash style and color that best represents you, then you are creating a moment that's worth remembering and worth passing on for multiple generations. Therefore, you want everything to count and everything needs to be perfect for that special moment in time and that timeless photo to be taken.

We sincerely hope that our styles here at will be suited for all these special occasions and momentous events, and that we will be able to accompany you for decades to come in your celebration of life and its successes with our huge collection of discounted chair sashes.

Satin Chair Sashes Taffeta Crinkle Chair Sashes Polyester Chair Sashes
Add that extra color. Add that extra shine.
More Texture. More Finesse.
Lasts Longer. Made Stronger.
Organza Chair Sashes Pintuck Chair Sashes Damask Flocking Chair Sashes
Easy on the Eyes. Easy on the Pockets.
Simple Pattern. Right on the Mark.
A Style Truly Fit for Royalty
Dual Tone Flocking Chair Sashes Spandex Chair Sashes Zebra Chair Sashes
When Royalty Needs to Look Heavenly
For that Perfect Sexy Fit
Captures the Interest. Roars in Beauty
Lamour Satin Chair Sashes Leopard Chair Sashes Embroidered Organza Chair Sashes
Better Appeal. More Elegant Shine.
Creates that Strong Presence. Made for a Queen.
Subtle Design. Outspoken Desire.
Rosette Chair Caps Duchess Sequin Chair Caps Stripe Rustic Burlap Chair Sash
There's No Such Thing as Too Many Roses
Got a bunch of Princesses coming over? No Problem.
Add some lovable colors to your favorite rustic styles
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