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For the do it yourself event planner or bride, our wholesale fabric bolt selection will make all of your projects possible. These affordably priced fabric bolts come in a full stylish selection including fashionable flocking damask, crisp chiffon, and trendy taffeta fabrics. Whether you�re looking to build a beautiful backdrop, design your own table linens or even craft your own wedding linens and napkins, our many quality fabrics will make it all possible. Choose to shop from and you'll get more than a few yards at premium prices, instead you get bolts of fabric to have you covered for all your many event needs all at affordable prices! has all brides, caterers and other planners covered with our many textiles and patterns to choose from, including zebra stripes, leopard spots, flocking damask and more. All of these fantastic styles can be incorporated into your homemade wedding linens. We even carry full backdrops already sized for your event. There's no smarter solution for all of your wedding decorating plans than to do it all yourself. Shop the full selection of organza, tulle, and satin fabric by the bolt for your next event.
Extravaganza Duchess Sequin Fabric Bolts Rosette Fabric Bolts Mini Rosettes Fabric Bolts Polyester Fabric Bolts 54" x 10Yards
Look no further for that Gorgeous look!
Meant for events where the audience's jaws MUST drop
Fabric meant for a Princess and for surrounding her every waking moment
Sturdy and made to be reused so many times without losing its flavor
Beverly Hills Wave Fabric Embroider Fabric Bolts 54" x 10Yards Chevron Sequin Fabric Jazzed Up Chevron Fabric
People will be following your Styles after this
Adds that extra layer of appealing to any plain fabric
When Stylish and Sparkling need to come together
Doesn't fail to liven things up
Sequin-Inspired Fabric Satin Checkered Fabric Satin Stripes Fabric Rustic Burlap Fabric
There's just so many ways to look good with Sequins!!!
CHECKMATE! You'll get everyone's attention for sure!
Some swank styles will always be in the Top 10
Who says rustic can't transform into 1st class?
Fashionista Style Lace Net Fabric Luxury Class Embroider Fabric Vistoso Luxury Fabric Bolts Couture Fabric Bolts
Looking to create picture perfect?
Make an Unforgettable Impression
Luxury, Color, Texture and Sparkle all in 1 Package!
Truly a style that draws the spotlight
Sequin Studded Lace Fabric Bolts Shiny Crinkle Chiffon Fabric FLOWER POWER Fabric Bolts Glittered Damask On Organza
Classic appeal with a modern twinkle
More shine. More texture. This chiffon rocks!
Truly a New Flowery World of Opportunities!
Your favorite style! And it Sparkles too!
Zebra Stripes 12" x 10Yards Zebra Stripes 54" x 10Yards Leopard Spots 12" x 10Yards Leopard Spots 54" x 10Yards
best used when everything just screams zebra
our most popular in party themes
a new amazing style of elegance at your fingertips
when elaborate appearances is what you're known for
Flocking Damask 12" x 10Yards Flocking Damask 54" x 10Yards Zen Art Fabric Bolts Chiffon 54" x 10Yards
give it a try, and you'll definitely fall in-love!
a customized look the way you always wanted
Patterned for the Perfect Harmony
Adds that light and feminine appearance to your work
Crinkle Taffeta 54" x 10Yards Sparking Glitter Organza Sequin Laurels on Lace Fabric Chiffon 12" x 10Yards
taffeta fabric is just so captivating!
No magical party is complete without colorful sparkles!
Want to create an astonishing Vintage look?
This is definitely that beautiful element to add for all occasions
Crinkle Taffeta 12" x 10Yards Embroidered Velvet Besos Groovy Dots Starlight Non-Woven Fabric Bolt
choice item for creating that sense of glitz and glamour any event
Surround them with affectionate fabric bolts
Do colorful dots make you smile?
Special look. Special texture. And special energy. That's what you get from a star!
Heart Shower Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Zen Damask Flocking Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Fair Winds & Gentle Seas Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Friendship Chains Non-Woven Fabric Bolt
Special look. Special texture. And special energy. That's what you get from a star!
Serenity. Balance. Peace....Surround yourself with that.
Good Winds. Good Waters. Perfect timing. Always Lucky. Does that perfectly describe you?
Signifies how everyone just wants to be your friend and make strong bonds with you
Prosperity Leafs Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Poinsettia-Style Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Butterfly Explosion Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Diva Necklace Non-Woven Fabric Bolt
Luxury. Luck. Opportunity....there's no better way to celebrate your blessings than with this style
The ability to stand up despite all the hardships is what the Poinsettia stands for
Butterflies stand for change being beautiful and possibly breathtaking
Surround your Greatness with as much Gold and Silver as you want
Strong World Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Intricate Lines Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Grass Design Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Dancing Lines Non-Woven Fabric Bolt
Strong lines stand for great power and your passion as an achiever
Unwind, Imagine, Relax. Now, tell us what you see.
Doesn't the appearance of multitudes of grass just calm you down?
Do your eyes enjoy dancing?
Cracked Shell Non-Woven Fabric Bolt A Thousand Dots Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Paradise Island Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Bubbling With Passion Non-Woven Fabric Bolt
What transformation lies behind the cracks?
So many dreams to chase. Don't you want to accomplish them all?
Let this symbolize your discovery of the oasis in the desert
Don't take life too seriously and you'll do wonders
Flower Escape Non-Woven Fabric Bolt Forest Taffeta Fabric Bolt Taffeta Sequin Fabric Bolt I CAN'T STOP LOVIN PINTUCKS Bolt
Let the flowers take you somewhere free and wide...
Who says putting together a festive event has to be hard.
The bejeweled look is how you land the star role!
You just want to use it all the time. Don't you?
Princess Glitter Dots Satin 12" x 10yds Satin 54" x 10yds Organza 54" x 40yds
Princesses always surround themselves with glitters
it's the special shine that gives that luxurious effect
stock up and use for all your decorating needs
favorite for creating that dreamy effect you want
Textured Slub Fabric Tulle 54" x 40yds Diamond Rolls Lustrous Rolls
Texture itself speaks of high-fashion and high-desire
favorite material for Expert-level crafters
cheap and easy way to create waves of excitement
add sparkle and sophistication to any event with one single item
6" Tulle Rolls (x 25yd, x 100yd) 9" Tulle Rolls (x 25yd, x 100yd) 12" Tulle Rolls (x 25yd, x 100yd) 15" x 100yd Tulle Rolls
18" x 100yd Tulle Rolls Mesh Rolls Tulle Favor Wraps Endless Organza Wraps
Make the choice to make it your own way!
Exquisite Stardust Net Tulle Dots the Way I Like It Tulle Glittered Scrunch Roll Mesh Fleur Soft Lace Fabric
Textured. Shiny. Fancy. Now that's a Winner
Yes. You are Seeing Dots. And they're Pretty little ones!
A Stylish Flair Demands an Uncommon Beauty
Grace everyone with your captivating flowers all the time
Snowflakes Organza Bolt O SO NICE Ruffle Trims Recreation-Time Raffia
Consider it as Cold Weather Flowers
Unlock the Fashion Designer in you!
Carries that Relaxing Energy
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