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F08A_SATIN_54_ORNG   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Orange
F08A_SATIN_54_PINK   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Pink
F07A_SATIN_54_PURP   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Purple
F07A_SATIN_54_RED   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Red
F07A_SATIN_54_ROY   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Royal Blue
F08A_SATIN_54_SAGE   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Sage Green
F08A_SATIN_54_SILV   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Silver
F08A_SATIN_54_TURQ   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Turquoise
F08A_SATIN_54_WHT   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - White
F09A_SATIN_54_WILL   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Willow Green
F07A_SATIN_54_YEL   Satin Fabric Bolt 54" x 10Yards - Yellow
J21B_PLY_LILY_SERV   Sensual Calla Lily Cake & Server Set
FAB_5418_SILV   Sequin Studded Lace Fabric Bolt – Silver 54" x 10yards
RUN_18_BLK   Sequin Studded Lace Table Runners – Black
RUN_18_SILV   Sequin Studded Lace Table Runners – Silver
J20C_CLR_SERV   Serene Crystal Cake & Server Set
CHDLR_015   SHANGRI-LA 10” Ball x 37” Tall Acrylic Diamond Chandelier / Lamp (Clear)
K21C_PLY_HRT_SERV   Shangri-La Cake & Server Set
L19A_FAB_5403_WHT   Shiny Crinkle Chiffon Fabric Bolt - 54" x 10yards White
D17A_TAB_108_SILV   Silver 108" Polyester Round Tablecloth
C20A_TAB_STN108_SILV   Silver 108" Satin Round Tablecloth
G22A_TAB_CRNK_117_SILV   Silver 117" Crinkle Taffeta Round Tablecloth
D19A_TAB_120_SILV   Silver 120" Polyester Round Tablecloth
C22B_TAB_STN120_SILV   Silver 120" Satin Round Tablecloth (Sold out until May 5, 2014)
D20A_TAB_136_SILV   Silver 132" Polyester Round Tablecloth
F02A_TAB_STN_60102_SILV   Silver 60x102" Satin Rectangle Tablecloth
F03A_TAB_STN_60126_SILV   Silver 60x126" Satin Rectangle Tablecloth
D16A_TAB_90_SILV   Silver 90" Polyester Round Tablecloth
C20B_TAB_STN90_SILV   Silver 90" Satin Round Tablecloth
F04B_TAB_STN_90156_SILV   Silver 90x156" Satin Rectangle Tablecloth (Sold out until May 5, 2014)
K03A_TAB_CRNK_60102_SILV   Silver Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth 60x102"
K08A_TAB_CRNK_60126_SILV   Silver Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth 60x126"
J03A_TAB_CRNK_90132_SILV   Silver Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth 90x132"
J10A_TAB_CRNK_90156_SILV   Silver Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth 90x156"
M22A_NAP_RING_SILV   Silver Napkin Rings (Acrylic) - Set of 4
I18B_TAB_PTK90132_SILV   Silver Pintuck Tablecloth 90x132"
G32A_TAB_PTK90156_SILV   Silver Pintuck Tablecloth 90x156"
E22A_TAB_72120_SILV   Silver Polyester Tablecloth 72x120"
E19A_TAB_90132_SILV   Silver Polyester Tablecloth 90x132"
E21A_TAB_90156_SILV   Silver Polyester Tablecloth 90x156"
D04B_CAM_ROSE   Silver Roses Disposable Cameras - 27 Exposures
K12A_TAB_SPX60_SILV   Silver Spandex Tablecloth 60"
I18A_SKT_POLY_SILV_14   Silver Table Skirt (Polyester) - 14'
I21A_SKT_POLY_SILV_17   Silver Table Skirt (Polyester) - 17'
I21A_SKT_POLY_SILV_21   Silver Table Skirt (Polyester) - 21'
E16A_TAB_60102_SILV   Silver Tablecloth 60x102"
E18A_TAB_60126_SILV   Silver Tablecloth 60x126"
H11A_CHAIR_UNIV_STN_SILV   Silver Universal Satin Chair Cover
ORGA03_0610_SILV   Snowflake Organza Bolt – Silver 6” x 10yards
ORGA03_0610_WHT   Snowflake Organza Bolt – White 6” x 10yards
I03B_LED_ICE02_ASST   SPECIAL Self-On Submersible LED Ice Cubes 12/pk (Assorted)
H07A_CHAIR_SQUA_BLK   Square Banquet / Chivari Chair Cover - Black
H07A_CHAIR_SQUA_IVR   Square Banquet / Chivari Chair Cover - Ivory
WALL_CHAIR_SQUA_WHT   Square Banquet / Chivari Chair Cover - White
TULA02_1910_APPL   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Apple Green 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_BLK   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Black 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_FUSH   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Fushia 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_GOLD   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Gold 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_IVR   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Ivory 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_PINK   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Pink 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_PURP   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Purple 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_RED   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Red 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_ROY   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Royal Blue 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_TURQ   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Turquoise 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_WHT   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - White 19” x 10yards
TULA02_1910_WINE   Stardust Glitter Net Tulle - Wine 19” x 10yards
L31B_FAB_NW01_A009   STARLIGHT Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Black/Gold 19"x10Yards
L31B_FAB_NW01_A042   STARLIGHT Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Black/Silver 19"x10Yards
L31B_FAB_NW01_A008   STARLIGHT Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Ivory/Gold 19"x10Yards
L31B_FAB_NW01_A041   STARLIGHT Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Ivory/Silver 19"x10Yards
L31B_FAB_NW01_A007   STARLIGHT Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – White/Gold 19"x10Yards
L31B_FAB_NW01_A040   STARLIGHT Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – White/Silver 19"x10Yards
I03B_CHDLR_011   STARWAY 9" Diameter x 36" Drop Acrylic Diamond Chandelier (Clear)
L17B_FAB_NW01_A027   STRONG DESTINY LINES Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Gold/Black 19"x10Yards
L17B_FAB_NW01_A026   STRONG DESTINY LINES Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Gold/Ivory 19"x10Yards
L17B_FAB_NW01_A025   STRONG DESTINY LINES Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Gold/White 19"x10Yards
L17B_FAB_NW01_A060   STRONG DESTINY LINES Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Silver/Black 19"x10Yards
L17B_FAB_NW01_A059   STRONG DESTINY LINES Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Silver/Ivory 19"x10Yards
L17B_FAB_NW01_A058   STRONG DESTINY LINES Non-Woven Fabric Bolt – Silver/White 19"x10Yards
M01A_RUN_EMB_BLK   Table Runner (Embroider) - Black
M01A_RUN_EMB_BURG   Table Runner (Embroider) - Burgundy
M01A_RUN_EMB_BRNT   Table Runner (Embroider) - Burnt Orange
M02A_RUN_EMB_CHMP   Table Runner (Embroider) - Champagne
M02A_RUN_EMB_CHOC   Table Runner (Embroider) - Chocolate
M02A_RUN_EMB_EGG   Table Runner (Embroider) - Eggplant
M02A_RUN_EMB_FUSH   Table Runner (Embroider) - Fushia
M02A_RUN_EMB_GOLD   Table Runner (Embroider) - Gold
M03A_RUN_EMB_IVR   Table Runner (Embroider) - Ivory
M03A_RUN_EMB_LAV   Table Runner (Embroider) - Lavender
M01A_RUN_EMB_BLUE   Table Runner (Embroider) - Light Blue
M03A_RUN_EMB_NAVY   Table Runner (Embroider) - Navy
M03A_RUN_EMB_PINK   Table Runner (Embroider) - Pink
M04A_RUN_EMB_PURP   Table Runner (Embroider) - Purple
M04A_RUN_EMB_RED   Table Runner (Embroider) - Red
M04A_RUN_EMB_ROY   Table Runner (Embroider) - Royal (Sold out until May 7, 2014)
M04A_RUN_EMB_SAGE   Table Runner (Embroider) - Sage
M04A_RUN_EMB_SILV   Table Runner (Embroider) - Silver
M05A_RUN_EMB_TURQ   Table Runner (Embroider) - Turquoise
M05A_RUN_EMB_WHT   Table Runner (Embroider) - White
M05A_RUN_EMB_WILL   Table Runner (Embroider) - Willow
M05A_RUN_EMB_YEL   Table Runner (Embroider) - Yellow
A18A_RUN_FLK_BLK   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Black
A19A_RUN_FLK_CHOC   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Chocolate
A17B_RUN_FLK_EGG   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Eggplant
A19B_RUN_FLK_FUSH   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Fushia
A18A_RUN_FLK_NAVY   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Navy Blue
A19A_RUN_FLK_PURP   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Purple
A19A_RUN_FLK_RED   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Red
A18A_RUN_FLK_ROY   Table Runner (Flocking) - White / Royal Blue
I31B_RUN_LEP_BLK   Table Runner (Leopard) - Black / White
I31B_RUN_LEP_CHOC_CHOC   Table Runner (Leopard) - Chocolate / Chocolate
I31B_RUN_LEP_EGG_EGG   Table Runner (Leopard) - Eggplant / Eggplant
I31B_RUN_LEP_FUSH_FUSH   Table Runner (Leopard) - Fushia / Fushia
I31B_RUN_LEP_GOLD_GOLD   Table Runner (Leopard) - Gold / Gold
I32B_RUN_LEP_IVR_IVR   Table Runner (Leopard) - Ivory / Ivory
I32B_RUN_LEP_PURP_PURP   Table Runner (Leopard) - Purple / Purple
I32B_RUN_LEP_RED_RED   Table Runner (Leopard) - Red / Red
I32B_RUN_LEP_SILV_BLK   Table Runner (Leopard) - Silver / Black
H22A_RUN_ORGZ_APPL   Table Runner (Organza) - Apple Green
H22A_RUN_ORGZ_BLK   Table Runner (Organza) - Black
H22A_RUN_ORGZ_BURG   Table Runner (Organza) - Burgundy
I19B_RUN_ORGZ_BRNT   Table Runner (Organza) - Burnt Orange
H22A_RUN_ORGZ_CHMP   Table Runner (Organza) - Champagne
H21A_RUN_ORGZ_CHOC   Table Runner (Organza) - Chocolate
H20B_RUN_ORGZ_EGG   Table Runner (Organza) - Eggplant
H21A_RUN_ORGZ_FUSH   Table Runner (Organza) - Fushia
H21A_RUN_ORGZ_GOLD   Table Runner (Organza) - Gold
H21A_RUN_ORGZ_HUNT   Table Runner (Organza) - Hunter Green
H21A_RUN_ORGZ_IVR   Table Runner (Organza) - Ivory
H20A_RUN_ORGZ_LAV   Table Runner (Organza) - Lavender (Sold out until April 25, 2014)
H22A_RUN_ORGZ_BLUE   Table Runner (Organza) - Lt. Blue
H20A_RUN_ORGZ_NAVY   Table Runner (Organza) - Navy Blue
H20A_RUN_ORGZ_ORNG   Table Runner (Organza) - Orange
H20A_RUN_ORGZ_PCH   Table Runner (Organza) - Peach
H22B_RUN_ORGZ_PERI   Table Runner (Organza) - Periwinkle
H22B_RUN_ORGZ_PINK   Table Runner (Organza) - Pink
H22B_RUN_ORGZ_PURP   Table Runner (Organza) - Purple
H22B_RUN_ORGZ_RED   Table Runner (Organza) - Red
H20A_RUN_ORGZ_MAUV   Table Runner (Organza) - Refreshing Mauve
H22B_RUN_ORGZ_ROY   Table Runner (Organza) - Royal Blue
H21B_RUN_ORGZ_SAGE   Table Runner (Organza) - Sage Green
H21B_RUN_ORGZ_SILV   Table Runner (Organza) - Silver
H21B_RUN_ORGZ_TURQ   Table Runner (Organza) - Turquoise
H21B_RUN_ORGZ_WHT   Table Runner (Organza) - White
H21B_RUN_ORGZ_WILL   Table Runner (Organza) - Willow
H20B_RUN_ORGZ_YEL   Table Runner (Organza) - Yellow
C02B_RUN_PTK_APPL   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Apple Green
C02B_RUN_PTK_BLK   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Black
C02B_RUN_PTK_BURG   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Burgundy
C02B_RUN_PTK_CHMP   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Champagne
C02B_RUN_PTK_CHOC   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Chocolate
C02B_RUN_PTK_FUSH   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Fushia
C03B_RUN_PTK_GOLD   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Gold
C03B_RUN_PTK_IVR   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Ivory
C03B_RUN_PTK_LAV   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Lavender
C03B_RUN_PTK_NAVY   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Navy Blue
C03B_RUN_PTK_ORNG   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Orange
C03B_RUN_PTK_PINK   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Pink
C02A_RUN_PTK_PURP   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Purple
C02A_RUN_PTK_RED   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Red
C02A_RUN_PTK_ROY   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Royal Blue
C02A_RUN_PTK_SAGE   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Sage Green
C02A_RUN_PTK_SILV   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Silver
C02A_RUN_PTK_TURQ   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Turquoise
C03A_RUN_PTK_WHT   Table Runner (Pintuck) - White
C03A_RUN_PTK_WILL   Table Runner (Pintuck) - Willow Green
F18A_RUN_POLY_APPL   Table Runner (Polyester) - Apple Green
F19A_RUN_POLY_BLK   Table Runner (Polyester) - Black
F19A_RUN_POLY_BURG   Table Runner (Polyester) - Burgundy
F19A_RUN_POLY_CHMP   Table Runner (Polyester) - Champagne
F19A_RUN_POLY_CHOC   Table Runner (Polyester) - Chocolate
F18A_RUN_POLY_EGG   Table Runner (Polyester) - Eggplant
F19A_RUN_POLY_FUSH   Table Runner (Polyester) - Fushia
F20A_RUN_POLY_IVR   Table Runner (Polyester) - Ivory
F19A_RUN_POLY_BLUE   Table Runner (Polyester) - Light Blue
F20A_RUN_POLY_NAVY   Table Runner (Polyester) - Navy Blue
F21A_RUN_POLY_PCH   Table Runner (Polyester) - Peach
F21A_RUN_POLY_PERI   Table Runner (Polyester) - Periwinkle
F21A_RUN_POLY_PINK   Table Runner (Polyester) - Pink
F21A_RUN_POLY_PURP   Table Runner (Polyester) - Purple
F21A_RUN_POLY_RED   Table Runner (Polyester) - Red
F21A_RUN_POLY_ROY   Table Runner (Polyester) - Royal Blue
F22A_RUN_POLY_WHT   Table Runner (Polyester) - White
F22A_RUN_POLY_WILL   Table Runner (Polyester) - Willow Green
F18A_RUN_POLY_YEL   Table Runner (Polyester) - Yellow
B17B_RUN_STN_APPL   Table Runner (Satin) - Apple Green
B17B_RUN_STN_BLK   Table Runner (Satin) - Black
B17B_RUN_STN_BURG   Table Runner (Satin) - Burgundy
B19A_RUN_STN_BRNT   Table Runner (Satin) - Burnt Orange
B17B_RUN_STN_CHMP   Table Runner (Satin) - Champagne
B18B_RUN_STN_CHOC   Table Runner (Satin) - Chocolate
B19A_RUN_STN_EGG   Table Runner (Satin) - Eggplant
B18B_RUN_STN_FUSH   Table Runner (Satin) - Fushia
B18B_RUN_STN_GOLD   Table Runner (Satin) - Gold
B18B_RUN_STN_IVR   Table Runner (Satin) - Ivory
B18B_RUN_STN_LAV   Table Runner (Satin) - Lavender
B17B_RUN_STN_BLUE   Table Runner (Satin) - Lt. Blue
B19B_RUN_STN_ORNG   Table Runner (Satin) - Orange
B19B_RUN_STN_PCH   Table Runner (Satin) - Peach
B19B_RUN_STN_PERI   Table Runner (Satin) - Periwinkle

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