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Delays caused by weather or factors our of our control
  We apologize, we will not be responsible for delays caused by severe weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances out of our control.  Unfortunately UPS, USPS, nor us has any control over forces of nature and the effects it may have over transit and/or delivery of your order.  Although we do process and ship out orders very promptly, we can not be held responsible for delays due to these types of factors that are simply out of our control.  There will be no compensation for any delays caused by weather, unforeseen circumstances out of our control, or forces of nature. We apologize.
Estimated arrival dates for back ordered products
  Our listed arrival dates for back ordered or sold out products are an estimated date.  Products come via sea from our factories outside of USA.  This means that although we have an typical transit time from the factory, actual arrival time is unknown.  Many factors may affect the actual arrival date of merchandise to our warehouse, such as transit time, time getting through customs, etc. Thus, merchandise arrival date listed is an estimate only.
I have not received my package, even though tracking number shows delivered.

We're sorry that you have not received your package even though tracking number confirms delivery. The first step you should take is to check all around your house. The package may have been placed where it's difficult to see (to avoid being stolen if just laying around) such as behind plants, etc. Second step you should take is to check with your neighbors. Sometimes it's possible that the package has been misdelivered to a neighboring address close to you.

If you are still unable to locate the package, you can give the courier a call using the following contact information, depending on the shipping courier that made the delivery.
UPS (United Parcel Service)
USPS (United States Postal Service)
For UPS shipments, UPS typically is able to provide detailed information on your delivery/package, which may help to locate the missing package. For USPS shipments, although may not be as detailed as UPS, USPS is still often able to provide additional information to help to locate your missing package as well.

If after trying the above steps, you are still unable to locate your package, you are welcome to contact our reps using our contact page below,
For UPS packages, we can help you file a missing package tracer with UPS. They will conduct an investigation to help locate your package. Lost package should be reported to us within 72 hours of delivery for greatest results from filed tracers. Results from lost tracers typically become available after 1-2 weeks after filed. For USPS packages, unfortunately, no tracer can be filed.

Sometimes, even after ALL the above steps have been taken, the UPS tracer has confirmed delivery, and your package still can not be found. We apologize. In most cases, we can still offer to send a replacement shipment by splitting the cost 50/50 of the order, with a signature required request as a final option.

*In a few extremely rare cases, packages have been delivered, however, may have been unfortunately stolen after successful delivery. We apologize, we are unable to be responsible for packages that may have been stolen after successful delivery. If you believe this may be the case, please contact the local authorities directly to file a report.

*If after reviewing your order, you realize that the shipping address you've provided is incorrect (wrong zip, city, street number, etc) or missing info (such as apt#, suite#, etc), and the delivery issue was caused by this incorrect or missing info, you can let us know as well. In most cases, as a courtesy to our customer, we may be able to offer to send a replacement to your corrected address by splitting the cost 50/50 of the order.

LInen Care instructions
  Linen Care instructions

Care of our polyester material products (tablecloth/overlays/chair covers/runner/sashes) are very easy. They can be washed in regular home washing machines and used over and over. Washing in cold water with a regular detergent will be the best method. Similar to regular clothing, remember to always wash with similar colors. Mixing dark/bright colors with whites is not recommended. Bleach can be used on WHITE tablecloths, but not recommend for COLORED tablecloths. Stains should be washed as soon as possible to avoid them locking in and becoming permanent. They can be used in dryer machines, however, it is recommend that they be removed while still warm. This is to minimize excessive wrinkles. They can then be ironed with low heat to get out any wrinkles that are left. They should then be folded and put away for storage.

-As long as bleach is not used, our colored tablecloths will not fade, even after dozens of uses/washings.
-Safe to be used in home washers/dryers.
-Bleach can be used for our WHITE tablecloths, but not recommended for COLORED tablecloths
-WARM water should be when put into washing machine to avoid fading colors
-When put into dryer, do not use HIGH temperature settings as it may lead to possible shrinkage, use tumble dry LOW
-Iron with LOW heat if still have any wrinkles

For our other material products, such as flocking, organza, satin, crinkle, pintuck, flocking, a bit more care is recommended. Because of the delicate material they are made of, machine wash/dry is not recommended. Best to use hand wash, and hang dry when working with these delicate material.
How do I contact you?

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