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As an event coordinator for your company or as a professional event planner, you can take advantage of trendy motifs in putting together your next big party. Banquet hall decorations can be really bland, but you have the ability to put your creative energy to work in making the next event exciting and fun. Animal motifs are especially popular, and choosing animal print fabric and supplies will enable you to plan a safari or color centered decor. Animal print fabric and supplies are available from You will appreciate the affordability of our bulk drapery fabric in a variety of colors and motifs.

Drapery fabric is perfect for establishing a fantastic theme, using basic banquet hall decorations as a type of foundation. Zebra print fabric can be found in traditional black and white, perfect for coordinating with the black and white materials found in many banquet halls. However, you'll also want to explore zebra print fabric in purple, pink, gold and silver. The visual effects are amazing, certain to earn you continued opportunities to plan events. Shop our selection of zebra print fabric today!

  • Make:Velvet design on taffeta fabric; hemmed edges for sashes.
  • Colors: Various
  • Material: Taffeta fabric
  • Washing: Please use dry clean only .

Tiger Coat Medley Leopard Spots Medley Zebra Stripes Medley
All of our tiger coat linens are made of quality fabric that not only looks good but stands up to repeated wear.
Excellent for any event with a slightly wild focus.
A zebra theme is great for a teenager's birthday or for a high school event. It's also a fun choice for a bridal shower or bachelorette party.
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20x20" Zebra Napkins 5pcs 20x20" Snow Leopard Napkins 5pcs Table Runner (Leopard) - Gold / Gold
20x20" Napkins (Zebra) 5pcs - Black
Our Price: $4.98
20% sale price $3.98
20x20" Snow Leopard Napkins 5pcs
Our Price: $4.86
20% sale price $3.89
Table Runner (Leopard) - Gold / Gold
Our Price: $3.79
20% sale price $3.03
Table Runner (Tiger) - Gold 90" Overlay (Leopard) - Black 90" Overlay (Leopard) - Chocolate/Chocolate
Table Runner (Tiger) - Gold
Our Price: $3.79
20% sale price $3.03
90" Overlay (Leopard) - Eggplant / Eggplant 90" Overlay (Leopard) - Fushia / Fushia 90" Overlay (Leopard) - Gold / Gold
90" Overlay (Leopard) - Ivory / Ivory 90" Overlay (Leopard) - Purple / Purple 90" Overlay (Leopard) - Red / Red
90" Overlay (Leopard) - Silver / Black 60" Overlay (Leopard) - Chocolate / Chocolate 60" Overlay (Leopard) - Eggplant / Eggplant
60" Overlay (Leopard) - Fushia / Fushia 60" Overlay (Leopard) - Gold / Gold 60" Overlay (Leopard) - Purple / Purple
60" Overlay (Leopard) - Red / Red 60" Overlay (Leopard) - Silver / Black 60" Overlay (Leopard) - Black
60" Overlay (Leopard) - Ivory / Ivory 72" Overlay (Zebra) - White / Black 90" Overlay (Zebra) - White / Black
Chair Sash (Zebra) - White / Black 60" Overlay (Zebra) - Black Table Runner (Zebra) - Black
Chair Sash (Zebra) - Black
Our Price: $1.99
20% sale price $1.59
Table Runner (Zebra) - Black
Our Price: $3.79
20% sale price $3.03
Zebra Stripes fabric bolt 12" x 10Yards - Gold / Gold
Our Price: $10.99
20% sale price $8.79
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