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Fleurs & Diamond Roll - 4.75"x10yards/roll Black

Fleurs & Diamond Roll - 4.75”x10yards/roll Black

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Who says you have to pick between having flowers or having diamonds??? If you want both, then you deserve both -AND in the color you want too!

We're bringing to you the latest style in our ever-Winning Endless Diamonds that you've come to love. This one is names after the French word 'Fleurs' for flowers since it adds that endearing flower quality to the sparkling and captivating endless diamonds style. So it's time for you to roll-up your sleeves once again and create those ingenious designs people have come to associate with you with this newest TWO THUMBS UP item! And don't forget to add some LEDs underneath to make an even more breathtaking appearances.

At TableclothsFactory.com, we make sure you have that Winner's appearance at all your events!

Material: Shiny Plastic
Dimensions: Approx. 4.75"x10 yards only
Best uses: GREAT for adorning vases and almost everything else

note: 1 order is for 1 roll only

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