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Beverly Hills Waves Chair Caps / Square-Top - White ( Sold Out )
Beverly Hills Waves Chair Caps (Square-Top) - White
Beverly Hills Waves Chair Caps (Square-Top) - White

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There are times when you need to stand out. And there are time when you Really, Really, NEED to put out a STELLAR PERFORMANCE!

The Beverly Hills Waves Fabric is crafted for moments of extreme importance where you want people to be swooning and in high spirits at the absolute luxury of you event. Definitely, your guests and audience will feel more than pampered knowing that you've made an event worthy of the Rich and Famous thanks to your Beverly Hills fabric offerings. This will no doubt make you look like a million dollars!

TableclothsFactory.com has the linens give you the Performance-of-a-lifetime!

Material: satin in wave styles
Measure: 16" wide x 14" long
Uses: use alone or atop chair covers for wedding, parties, celebrations, graduations, or any special event.
How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.

Note: Purchase is for Beverly Hills Waves Cap only, chair cover and other decorations are not included.

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